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When looking to buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa, there are a few things to keep in mind and take into consideration. Remember to look for quality, shell construction, comfort and design, filtration, energy efficiency, hydrotherapy, options and customization, warranty and innovations. 


Quality is the most important thing when looking to buy a Spa because if your Spa is outdoors it will have to survive extreme conditions. You want your Hot Tub or Swim Spa to last for as long as possible so you get the full value out of it. Look for Spas that are ISO certified because this is the highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufacturing.


Look for a Spa with a good shell construction because it can never be replaced. You don’t want your shell cracking so make sure to keep in mind that a multi-layer acrylic shell is the best option. The Spa’s shell has to withstand so much pressure from the water volume and temperature that in order to stand the test of time it needs to have a strong, solid shell construction.


The comfort of your Spa should be a top priority because if it’s not comfortable you won’t use it. Look for a Hot Tub that has a seating arrangement that works for you and jets placed in all the right spots. The best way to see if the Spa is comfortable and designed right for you is to do a wet test (where you sit in the Spa while it’s filled with water). Make sure that you ask your dealer about scheduling a wet test for any model you are considering to purchase.


When you finally get a Spa you’re going to want it to have clean and clear water, so make sure to look for a good filtration system. There are Spas with skimmer filtration and pressurized filtration which both have pros and cons. Skimmer filtration is cheaper but less efficient and releases containments back into the Spa water because it sits inside the bathing area. Pressurized filtration is more expensive but is commercialgrade, high performance, and traps debris without contaminating the Spas water. Public Spas can’t use skimmer filtration so neither should your private Spa.


A Spa with good energy efficiency is ideal with the growing costs of energy and environmental issues facing society. You want to look for a Spa that has a programmable filtration pump instead of a 24 hour circulation pump. A 24 hour circulation pump runs constantly 24 hours a day, where as a programmable filtration pump runs an average of 8 hours per day instead. Get full foam insulation because it is the most energy efficient, don’t fall for stories about empty space and air being the best insulator. Look for a Spa that is intelligently engineered for energy savings.



The types of jets included in a Spa are important to look for because they can give your great health benefits. Check the jets for pressure, placement, design, quality, and quantity if you are seeking hydrotherapy from your Hot Tub or Swim Spa. The massage capabilities of your Spa will determine how useful it really is in terms of alleviating sore muscles and chronic pains. Look at the horsepower of the pumps compared to how many jets are in the tub. Diverters will help to concentrate power.


Spas often come with tons of options and a chance for you to create a custom spa build. It’s important to look for a Hot Tub or Swim Spa that you can select different options for so you can have exactly what suites your needs and wants. Building a custom Spa allows you to be in control of what you are personally looking for from the outer appearance to the inner workings of the Spa.


A good warranty is a necessity when purchasing a Hot Tub or Swim Spa because a quality Spa will be covered even though they won’t typically need to be replaced. Look for a warranty that covers everything and read the fine print to make sure you know what you’re getting into. A trusted company will stand behind their warranty and guarantees.


The technology in Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are constantly evolving and improving. If you’re looking for the newest innovations than look some of these key features. There are Worldwide Spa Remotes that allow you to control your Spa’s settings anywhere via your Smartphone, tablet, or smart device. There are new innovative lit waterfall tables that can be placed in the center of your Spa for an added useful feature. Keep an eye out for the stunning Infinity Edge Hot Tubs and Swim Spas because they are the latest innovative addition to Spas. The vanishing edge allows you to get the most out of your view without anything obstructing it.