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Optional accessories for all bathtubs


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Immersion Bathtub

Designed for the user to immerser the body in the water, let go and disconnect from daily stress, allowing the water and silence to do their job, comfort the human body both physically and mentally.


Hydromassage Bathtub


Relax and enjoy from the healthy benefits Hydromassage bathtubs have to offer.
Its use goes all the way back to the Ancient Greece, the Hydromassage’s benefits were frequently mentioned. Although the Romans were the ones, who on their crusades to conquer half the world, introduced the use and benefits of baths. Their public baths were recognized rapidly for being a source of relaxation where hot and cold water and massages were valued by the high society members of the time..

Modern science recognizes all of the benefits discovered in Hydrotherapy,those benefits have been introduced in many treatments offered by health spas. As the word says, Hydromassage is the action of a massage given through water. There are many available massages, which can be received in your own home, to satisfy specific needs.

It’s important to know your expectations and the results wanted when choosing a massage system. Every human being is unique and so are their needs, taking into account age, physical condition and daily routine you will be able to determine which massage system is the best for you.

The massage’s mechanic system given by water jets is simple and efficient: Through the suction in the bathtub, the water is sucked by a water pump (commonly known as a Hydromassage pump) and redistributed through every water jet installed in the tub’s walls. For more power in the jets, use the air control button, which is designed to mix water with air to produce a stronger effect.

The water jets are strategically placed around the bathtub for a deeper and stronger massage. This kind of massage relaxes the muscles from daily tension and helps eliminating accumulated toxins, such as lactic acid. It also has a repairer effect after a workout routine or muscular injury.

Localized Massage: The water jets massage allows to receive a deep and powerful massage in a specific area of your body.

Different Kinds of Massages: There are many different types of water jets, each for a different propose. It depends on the users to determine their needs for choosing the jets.

Each Hydromassage jet offers an individual massage, which creates a unique massage.

Different types of controls both pneumatic and electronic offer a truly personalized Hydromassage Bathtub.


Massage by Air Bathtub

Having a long day? Feeling tense?

The Massage by Air benefits are undeniable, but how does it works? The Massage by Air mechanism is really simple, a blower introduces air to a distributor, which directs the air through multiple jets strategically installed in the bathtub. For an additional comfort, the air is preheated at the corporal temperature by a heating element integrated inside the blower.

Massage by Air relaxes the muscles at the same time it stimulates la natural analgesic hormones production, called endorphin. The use of a Massage by Air system produces a well being effect in the human body. The changing speed makes it totally adaptable towards the users’ needs, offering a smooth or a powerful effect. Making this even more interesting, there is the possibility of adding other options, such as the “Wave” effect, where the speed can be alternated between strong and smooth to create an efficient lymphatic massage.

The Massage by Air offers a combination of the therapeutic elements needed for an optimal relaxation.

WATER: Offers the weightlessness effects and relaxes the muscles and joints.

HEAT: Relaxes the body, makes us more receptive toward the massage’s benefits and the air’s movement activates the lymphatic system and the blood flow. Those three actions combined create an incomparable therapeutic effect and produce physical relaxation, as well as relieving muscular pains and also those related with arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and most of health traumas. Also you can enjoy phycological liberation after a long workday by taking a well deserved break.

Evolving Massage: Massage by Air surrounds the body completely, which offers your whole body a massage. With millions of preheated air bubbles that will cover and individually massage every part of the body.

Stimulating Massage: Relaxes the body from tension and relieves stress in one of the most healthy ways. The system’s variable intensity allows us choose the one that suits as better.

This is the most popular system, adapts to most bathtubs and fulfill all expectations, jets are installed in the tub’s bottom and the air directly blows under the user.


Full Massage System

This bathtub combines both of the previously mentioned systems, providing a unique and comforting experience, gives you the chance of using both systems at the same time or separated as well, the most complex bathtub there is.

In addition, other therapies can be incorporated, like Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, etc.



Forget about daily stress with the new universe where colors have a privileged space.

Chromotherapy’s origin comes from India’s, China’s and Greek traditional medicine. It’s a natural harmonic method for the well being. Every color corresponds to a vibration with it’s own particular speed, rhythm and length.

These allows the body to be physically, psychologically and emotionally involved, which helps our vital energy to reach a self-healing level..

Red: Stimulates the Circulatory System and promotes vitality and energy.
Orange: Stimulates the Nervous and Respiratory System.
Yellow: Energizes, intellectually stimulates, fortifies and relaxes.
Green: Calms the nerves and harmonizes the emotions.
Turquoise : Relaxes the intellect and relieves pain.
Blue : Opens the soul, promotes peace and tranquility
Magenta : Harmonizes the emotions.